What is a Democratic Committeeperson?

The committeeperson’s job is, above all, to increase Democratic political engagement in the ward and ensure fair and accessible elections. Among these responsibilities include:

  • Increasing Democratic voter turnout across the 40th Ward, and throughout Cook County. 

  • Holding Community Forums to meet candidates running for office in our districts. 

  • Running safe and fair elections to ensure every vote counts and all eligible voters have free and unimpeded access to the ballot.

  • Endorsing candidates for judicial positions. 

  • Appointing qualified candidates to vacated positions. 

  • Serving as the Democratic representative for the 40th Ward in the Cook County Democratic Party.

How I would run a 40th Ward Democratic Organization:

  • Build a deep bench of committed neighbors who will turn out the vote in all upcoming elections through a series of opportunities during campaign season.

  • Invite candidates to meet our engaged community.

  • Build a Judicial Committee Review Board to endorse judges who practice Democratic values on and off the bench.

  • Provide Anti-Harassment Campaign Training to candidates who are running in our districts.

My commitment to the 40th Ward is to work with our alderman to organize for increased voter turnout that represents the needs and desires of 40th Ward residents, and to keep my commitment to progressive values by refusing money from judicial candidates, corporations, and Super PACs.

When Democrats turn out to vote, when we value the diverse and proud voices in our communities, and when we civically engage our neighbors, we win. I am here to bring people power in the 40th Ward to a new level, and to ensure that our 2020 elections represent the strong, progressive voices in our community and throughout Cook County.